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Ethiopia and the next revolution

By Abebe Gellaw 

Exactly a year ago, ESAT declared the death of Meles Zenawi. That was the most important breaking news in the last two decades. TPLF went into frenzy to bury the news under a barrage of counter-propaganda. Bereket Simon went on ETV to curse ESAT and reassure the nation that the “great leader” would return intact. The propaganda chief and his foot soldiers had already kept the local media extremely busy with so many bizarre stories.

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Kerry-ing on with African Dictators 
By Alemayehu G/Mariam 

Watching American Diplocrisy at the African Union

I enjoy watching American diplomats chilling out and kicking it with African dictators. I like seeing them  kumbaya-ing, back-patting and carrying on. Their body language, more than their forked diplomatic tongue, speaks more honestly and eloquently.  I have learned to take their words with a grain of salt and a dash of pepper.  (Is it true that a diplomat is an honest gentleman (woman) sent to lie abroad for the good of their country?)

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Diplomacy by hypocrisy is “diplocrisy”
By Prof. Alemayehu G/Mariam

Edmund Burke, the British statesman and philosopher, said “Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises, for never intending to go beyond promise, it costs nothing.” We’ve heard many promises on human rights in Africa from President Obama and his Administration over the past four years.  

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Right in Prison, Wrong on the Throne
By Prof. Alemayehu G/ Mariam

Last April, I wrote a “Special Tribute to My Personal Hero Eskinder Nega”.  In that tribute, I groped for words as I tried to describe this common Ethiopian man of uncommon valor, an ordinary journalist of extraordinary integrity and audacity. Frankly, what could be said of a simple man of humility possessed of indomitable dignity? Eskinder Nega is a man who stood up to brutality with his gentle humanity.



ዞምቢዎቹ እየመጡ ነው!
(ተመስገን ደሳለኝ)

ሐምሌ 11 ቀን ዓ.ም. በታተመችው በ‹‹አዲስ ነገር›› ጋዜጣ ወዳጄ መስፍን ነጋሽ ‹‹ዞምቢዎቹ›› በሚል ርዕስ ዛሬም ድረስ ከህሊናዬ
ያልጠፋ ድንቅ ጽሁፍ አስነብቦን ነበር (የዚህ ፅሁፍ ሃሳብም ከዚሁ የተናጠቀ ነው)፡፡ ይኸ ከሆነ ድፍን ሶስት ዓመት ሊሞላው ጥቂት ወራት
ብቻ ቀርቶታል፡፡ ‹‹አዲስ ነገር››ም ወደ ታሪክነት ከተቀየረች ሁለት ዓመት አልፏታል፡፡ ለምን? …ዞምቢዎቹ ድል ስለነሷት፤ እንዴት?
ማንም ዞምቢዎቹን ድል አድርጎ ስለማያውቅ፡፡ ዞምቢ ምንድር ነው? ጋዜጠኛ መስፍን ነጋሽ እንዲህ ገልጿቸዋል፡-

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በቆብ ላይ ሚዶ ትምህርትና ተማሪ ቤት
ፕ/ር መስፍን ወልደማርያም

ባለፉት አርባ ዓመታት ውስጥ አንድ ልብ ያላልነው መሠረታዊ ለውጥ አለ፤ እንዲያውም የመከራችን ሁሉ ምንጭ ነው ለማለት ይቻላል፤ የመሪዎቻችን አለመማር ብቻ ሳይሆን ትምህርትን መናቅ ወይም ጭራሹኑ መጥላት ዋና ባሕርያቸው ሆነ፤ እስከደርግ ዘመን የነበሩት የአገር መሪዎች ቢያንስ የአንደኛ ደረጃውን (ዳዊት መድገም) የአገሩን ባህላዊ ትምህርት ያከናወኑ ነበሩ፤

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